Lenses are crucial in providing comfortable clear vision.  It’s very important to use the correct lens material to fit the purpose and frames.  There is an enormous variety of lenses and lens materials on the market today.  We take the time to discuss your vision needs and love to design a lens solution to suit.  Our experienced staff are able to advise on the best lens and material for the job.

We use reputable Australian based suppliers to provide quality lenses.  Our main supplier of lenses is HOYA, who have been supplying quality lenses for almost 80 years.They have a local laboratory in Adelaide which ensures good turnaround times for lenses. We also use Zeiss for those lens prescriptions that need lens correction technology.

Our preferred colour changing in sunlight technology is Transitions.

For your information the following is a guide to lens types:

  • ProgressivesOpen or Close

    The power of the lens progresses from your distance prescription at the top to your reading prescription at the bottom of the lens.  This also allows the wearer to also focus at intermediate objects like a computer monitor.  This type of lens is most used by the over 40’s when the eye can no longer adjust its focus.
    We have the latest in progressive lens design which dramatically minimize peripheral swim and achieve wide reading areas, which have been the reason some people have had difficulties adapting to this lens type in the past.  These lenses are available in colour changing in sunlight technology, and a variety of materials to suit many different frames and prescription strengths.

  • Single Vision LensesOpen or Close

    These lenses have uniform power throughout.  They can be for reading or distance or both depending on your prescription and age.
    We can supply these lenses in again a variety of materials for different purposes and frames.  There are also materials and lens designs which produce flatter, thinner lenses.

  • Occupational ProgressivesOpen or Close

    These are a modern update on the reading single vision lens.  Given our modern lifestyle involves more than one focus at 50cm for reading (computer screens for example are usually 60-80 cm away), this lens type has a power at the top of the lens weaker than the bottom half so the wearer can see a bit further.  These are not meant for viewing distant objects but allow the wearer to comfortably see the computer screen or task that is just beyond arm’s length without having to get closer to the object.  Wearers seem to adapt easily to this lens type.

  • BifocalsOpen or Close

    These are lenses which have two powers, and have a visible reading segment in the lens.  They have been mostly super-seeded by the progressive lens design.  We are happy to use bifocals if you wish.  They come in colour changing in sunlight technology

  • Anti-reflection Coatings Open or Close

    We supply and recommend anti-reflection coatings.  This lens coating allows more light to pass through when compared to a standard hard coated lens.  Latest anti-reflection coatings incorporate oil and water repellant properties that allows them to be easy to keep clean.

To understand more about the latest in progressive lens technology watch this video from HOYA

To see just how good Transitions lenses are watch this video